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2005-2013 “If you wake up in the morning and don’t know how your prospects or customers want to engage with your business, then you might wake up tomorrow and discover they aren’t.”
Steve Jennings – President/Founder, Mobility-4-Business April 2013

Mobility-4-Business Consulting Services

Transforming Business Through Mobility


No other innovation in the history of Business has had more impact than when Steve Jobs of Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007.  Since that time the Smartphone market share has grown from 8% of the total mobile device market in 2007, to 55% of the total mobile market in 2013 according to comScore, Inc.  This rapid adoption is worldwide and is dictating how consumers choose to engage with business.  It is a major opportunity for businesses to ride this wave of change and it’s Mobility-4-Business’ experienced professionals that will guide you successfully with that transformation.


It is Mobility-4-Business’ objective to build long-term relationships with our customers,  which are a result of our Consulting Services providing business transformation guidance to improve of one or more of the following objectives:

  • Improved Revenue
  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Increased Efficiency or Productivity
  • Improved Customer Experience & Engagement Process
  • Successfully Adapting to New Market Forces and Changes

Mobility-4-Business has recognized the challenges and opportunities that the Mobility movement has created for businesses today.  Most businesses are very aware of the rapid adoption of Smartphones, Tablets and other wireless devices – after all, most of us now own one or more of these devices.  However, taking advantage of the freedom they offer as well as the potential to improve your bottom line and competitive advantages can be a daunting task.  And those benefits could all be lost if you aren’t also developing your transformation plans to include the security required  to manage these devices and BYOD (Bring your Own Device), the proper implementation  and scheduling to insure your business isn’t disrupted – or risk leaving your customer in the dark because you aren’t aware of how they are choosing to engage with your business today.

The successful transformation to Mobility can provide your business with a more nimble, more competitive and much more profitable organization –  meeting your customer’s expectations which are making their decisions in the moment, on the move and getting their information from your website,  social media and customer reviews.

Our Consulting Services

  • Assessment & Discovery
  • Plan & Design
  • Implement & Optimize
  • Results & Review
  • Refine & Tune