Mobile Device Management

The Facts:

  • 44% of enterprises currently have no formal mobility management program in place.
  • It costs nearly 10X more to manage wireless services and devices compared to wireline.
  • Over 70% of enterprises lack the tools and technology to manage their wireless devices effectively.
  • 78% of enterprises identified mobile device management solutions as extremely or very important part of their IT offering in the next two years.

    Advantages of Mobile Device Management

  • Determine if BYOD is right for your business
  • Did you know it costs 10 times more to manage wireless network environment than land line?
  • Security and scalability
  • Apps Concerns – allowed vs. prohibited rules
  • Managing multiple devices and apps pros & cons
  • Outsourcing MDM advantages
“The rapid-fire spread of mobile devices being used by enterprise employees can be a huge boon for businesses in productivity and customer service gains, but those advantages don’t come without a price.”

– Computerworld – May 2012